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Imax as a Business Essay

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IMAX Darling Harbour Business Report

Executive Summary-
The purpose of this detail on the IMAX as a business is to create a synopsis outlining key factors of this company; including an overview of the history of the business, a description of the nature of the business and its legal structure, presenting the IMAX’s progression throughout the business life cycle, assess the internal and external influences on the IMAX, and to analyse the ethical and social responsibilities of the company.
Historic Overview-
The initial idea of IMAX came together when a group of experimental Canadian filmmakers came together and collaborated a way to manufacture a multi-screen film installation. This was part of a competition to make the first truly large screen at the EXPO ’67 in Montreal. From there, IMAX came into public contact only through certain of venues, these included; museums, science centres and some iconic commercial destinations which all had purpose-built theatres specially fitted.
Wanting to be able to offer a range of new entertainment films, IMAX looked towards Hollywood. Though until IMAX could fix up its technology to house and properly show their films and got more producers on board Hollywood was to then halt further venture into the market. Upon this IMAX went back to re-design and update its software. After a revolutionary new technology called DMR – or Digital Re-mastering, was formed Hollywood blockbusters could now be played in wonderful definition. Thus bringing IMAX to where it is today technologically.
From IMAX’s conception the new technology sparked an interest from consumers with this new form of entertainment. As the technology improved in the first few years more and more people were going to IMAX theatres. IMAX’s admissions peaked in 1998 at a record of 890,000 people coming to enjoy the big screen. Though as IMAX pushed through expansion here and overseas and shift in management occurred that brought along with it a struggle to maintain a...

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