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Imagine Essay

  • Submitted by: alexo
  • on March 18, 2012
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  There is a place, which once entered, its infinity you will find. But it’s not that type of black or dark infinity, it’s rather an infinity of what you the guest will choose. In other words if its cars you like, you’ll travel into a profoundly infinity world of cars! It’s simply like your personal jinn, it takes you to an infinity situation of what you’re interested in. But one more thing when I say infinity, I don’t mean that you’ll go there forever, I mean that you can keep on wherever you want but for a limited time. And the best part of this is that you can access this service almost every night.
You may now have an idea of what I’m talking about, but if you don’t here you go:
There are two means of transport that can take you to this place; it’s either through a dream or imagination.
I described this process, with the word infinity but the appropriate word is probably freedom, because there are no limits to what you can dream about. So the words freedom and infinity complete each other after all.
I began to write without planning the plot, and while I was writing I felt I should write about something so impossible on our planet Earth .I’ve decided to write about a very wide thing that all of us can access and reach our goals through. Its imagination, yes my book will be from the imaginary world, because it’s just so impossible to find its contents in our real life.
I chose to write about our imaginations because they are the only way in which we could be free; we can do whatever we want.
The word imagine is like a ticket to a journey, a journey so far and very relaxing. Most amazingly, this ticket is profoundly free and can be used at anytime any day!
It’s probably a way we release our dark negative energy, we not just unleash it but transform it into pure positive energy, called imagination. The old negative energy automatically transforms into the most conducive way of positive energy, imagination! In other words, an individual’s...

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