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If I Was Given $5000 Essay

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Jeremy Gloston
If you were given $5000 to invest in a project you are passionate about or a business or non-profit you want to start, what would you create? Why? Who would benefit and how would you spend the money?

If I were given $5000 I would open a non-profit child day care center.   The reason I would open a non-profit child day care center is because there are a lot of parents that can not afford to put their child in a day care center while they are at work or at school. Opening the day care center would take a load off the parents because now the parents can focus on their work without worrying “is my child ok?” “Will my child be able to excel?” The non-profit child day care center would provide a safe haven for the parents. As I have grown older I have seen the youth of today struggling in school and life. As I watch this happening I think to myself “maybe if they had a better influence at a younger age maybe things might have turned out different for them.” Children mimic what they see and most of the time, do as their taught, but children need to be around a positive influence to guide them in the right way. I have noticed a lot of children that grow up around guns, drugs, sex and death grow up doing the only thing they know. I want this non-profit child day care center to provide children with that positive influence that could possibly turn the whole child’s life around. At the non-profit child day care centers we would help the children learn how to speak and walk. We would also teach the kids their alphabet and how to count. The children would take field trips to museums, movies, parks and other places that can help with cognitive and physical development. The non-profit child day care center will allow the children to see that there is more in the world then just what their environment has for them. The non-profit child day care center is more then just a place where the parent can bring their child while they go off to work or school, but it is...

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