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Ie Changes Language Style Essay

  • Submitted by: allen523
  • on February 28, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Ie Changes Language Style" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Internet Changes Language style

In the article “Internet Changes Language for :-} & :-(,” the author Amy Harmon expounds the bad side and the good side of language changing in the internet. First of all, Amy Harmon uses a story to express the youths of these days would like to use inarticulate and abbreviation language to chat on internet. This behavior leads to a debate about whether uses internet language to express the idea or not.   Then he describes some bad things of using internet languages. First one is the grammar rules are being ignored in the chat. Second one is that using internet language makes writing too easy, that might lead to the impoverishment of language. Third one is people should do little things to make sentences circuits more health. Last one is this kind of situation also consist in messaging and email, it might make some reader uncomfortable. However some people are fine with that, so the author also describes about the reasons that some people approval the internet language. First one is internet language blurs the boundaries between public and private language, people can find the ways to use language in public that they have never done before.     Second one is that this language makes society trend toward less institutional control, a less hierarchical social structure and a more democratic marketplace of idea. Third one is we should concentrate on the positive ways of electronic communications. Forth one is that it is the skill that can let your speak more quickly and qualitatively.   In the end of the article, author gives the final point, internet technology changes the ways people communicate, and it enables to mix words with graphics, sounds, and video. The language is a tool to communicate with each other.

In the bad side of internet language, there is a point that I agree with. The point is about people use inarticulate and abbreviation language in instant messaging and email. Internet language is easy and short to type,...

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