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Identify and Explain Two Types of Family Diversity. (17 Marks) Essay

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  • on March 27, 2014
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Identify and explain two types of Family Diversity. (17 marks)
One type of family is the nuclear family. Families take many diverse structural forms but the family type mentioned most by sociologists is the nuclear family. The nuclear family is seen to be split into the traditional nuclear family and the modern nuclear family. Murdock (1949) defines the nuclear family of consisting of two generations: parents and their immature offspring. He also assumes that they are co-resident or live in the same household. In Britain it was assumed for many years that the traditional nuclear family was the ‘ideal’ family in which people should attempt to achieve. Oakley (1984) illustrates how that nuclear structure was still presented as the conventional family. It was assumed that the nuclear families members should be biologically related and it should be based upon heterosexual love and marriage. Additionally there should be a sexual division of labour based on natural differences. This implies Parson’s expressive role, (a functionalist perspective) that women should be primarily responsible for childcare and domestic responsibilities within the home. It also implies whilst women take upon this role, men take upon Parson’s instrumental role to be the breadwinner (the economic function) and head of home. The nuclear family is presented as being the most acceptable way of being and it is the nuclear family that has been prevalent in the mass media. As shown by Leach (1967) referring to the nuclear family as the ‘cereal packet image’. This is due to the male breadwinner and female housewife with two children previously being prominent in media advertising in modern Britain. Although, this type of prevalence can be seen in a negative way as Barrett and McIntosh (1982) are critical of the way that the ideology of the nuclear family devalues other types of family life and makes these people seem inadequate. Feminists also disagree in relation to this type of family as it is seen...

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