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Ichiro Ishikawa Essay

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Our world is surrounded of continuous progress and improvement. We always intend to do the right things right and avoid the defective one. As said, every type of process, either technological, economic, social, or personal requires a level of excellence in order to achieve its goals. This paper refers to Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa who has been one of the most important icons developing, teaching and managing levels of excellence or in other words quality.


Son of Ichiro Ishikawa, Kaoru was the oldest of sons. He was born in Tokyo, Japan in July 13, 1915. After some years of good effort in 1939 he graduated from University of Tokyo with an engineering degree in applied chemistry. Promptly after his graduation in ‘39 Kaoru worked two years as a naval technical officer; afterwards he was hired by a new job at the Nissan Liquid Fuel Company for the next 6 years until 1947. Soon in the same year he become as an Assistant Professor at the University.
In 1949, Ishikawa joined the JUSE (Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers) a quality control research group. Later in 1960 he became a full professor in the Faculty of Engineering at The University of Tokyo, and in conjunction with JUSE around 1962 Ishikawa introduced the concept of quality circles often called the Ishikawa diagram which soon become very popular and form an important link in a company's Total Quality Management system. These powerful tools have been easily used by non-specialists to analyze and solve quality problems. Although the development of quality circle was performed in Japan, it extension reached more than 50 countries, a development Ishikawa never foresaw.
The Annual Quality Control Conference for Top Management 1963 was one of his worthy efforts and consequently some books about quality control were translated into English language as   QC Circle Koryo and How to Operate QC Circle Activities. Newly, he reached the position of chairman of the editorial board of the...

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