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Ibn Battuta Essay

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  • on June 25, 2014
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Moroccan native, Ibn Battuta, was an accomplished travel writer and chronicler offeringa unique perspective of the medieval period in the Middle East region. He provided a firsthandaccount of his pilgrimage to the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina, which he firstundertook in his early twenties. His travels however, took him far beyond the confines of asimple pilgrimage. He recounts tales of visits with Emirs and Sultans, pious religious men, richexotic cities, beautiful women, and African squalor. Indeed, he presents the region, from NorthAfrican territories, to the Asian continent, with personal insights and opinions regarding localcustoms. While he does provide an exceptional interpretation, aimed perhaps at other travelerslike him, he employs a distinct set of biases that color his explanation of events and locations.Coming from an
idiosyncratic Islamic perspective, the reader is enlightened by Ibn Battuta’s own
personal set of beliefs and rituals. Without doubt, Ibn Battuta was an exceptional adventurer anddid not shy away from mentioning his own trials and tribulations along the way. This is not just atale from a distance, but the biographical account of a man who lived and breathed this journey.He mentions during his account of the desert passage from Syria to what is now Saudi Arabia, aquote
: “He who enters it is los
t, and he who leaves it is born

; a reflection perhaps of his own journey to manhood.As a travel document Ibn Battuta presents his experiences with various peoples, invarious states, in such a way that would encourage a reader to undertake a similar journey. He
begins with a sense of apprehension, appealing to the sympathies of his reader: “
I set out alone,find
ing no companion to cheer the way with friendly intercourse…”
His admission of solitudeand the resulting sense of trepidation would have resonated with others. Also, as pilgrimage toMecca and Medina is a required part of the Islamic faith,...

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