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Ib World Literature Assignment Essay

  • Submitted by: ishaandeva
  • on September 3, 2013
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Language A: English Literature
Level: SL
Literature In Translation: Reflective Statement And Written Assignment

Name of School: B.D. Somani International School
Name of Candidate: Ishaan Deva
Candidate Number: 002602-0026
Session: May 2014
Name of Text and author: Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. Love in the Time of Cholera.
Reflective Statement Word Count: 400 words
Essay Word Count: 1228 words
Reflective Statement:-
To what extent did the Interactive - Oral improve your cultural and contextual considerations of the text?
Name of text and author: Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. Love in the Time of Cholera.
Participants in Interactive Oral: Arjun Dhruva, Arjun Mehra, William Bhot, Vir Gandhi, Shanat Barua, Maitreya Kundalia, Manav Gabbawala, Saurabh Runwal, Ishaan Deva and Mikhail Hussain.
  In today’s Interactive Oral, I found   Arjun Mehra’s presentation on the idea of   love very helpful in understanding the cultural and contextual considerations of the text. He mentioned how Florentino would employ tactics such as serenading Fermina with a violin, writing her love poems and giving her roses, to woo her.
  I found I could really relate to this to the concept of love portrayed in Bollywood   movies. The hero always woos the heroine, it is never the other way around. The same serenading, writing of love poems and sending of flowers happens here all the time. Like Florentino, the hero usually falls lovesick literally. Florentino faces major opposition from Fermina’s father, which is the case in every Bollywood movie, where the hero must win over the father before he gets the girl of his dreams. Fermina leaving him for Dr. Urbino and then getting back together with him towards the end of the text, is another regularly seen motif in romantic films.
  My presentation on the family life of characters in the text also had strong connections with Indian culture. I mentioned that Florentino and his mother Transito Ariza’s relationship, is typical of the relationship...

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