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Ia for Ib Essay

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  • on September 2, 2013
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Psychology IA: The effect of Social Facilitation on Human Performance.


This experiment is a replication of Triplett’s study on social facilitation in 1898. The theory of this study was that people are more inclined to perform better when in a group compared to a person working alone. The task that was given in Triplett’s study was bike riding. The participants need to be well rehearsed in the task they are given so that they know how to perform the task. If the persons were not knowledgeable about the task then performance would falter from the beginning. Instead of using bicycles we replicated the experiment with a word search. Using independent measures we separated out 3 groups of 5 that completed the word search together in close proximity. Another group of 5 was used for the independent work, which they completed scattered about in the class. Since the word searches were done in a school setting it was a Field study. My compiled results agreed with Triplett’s theory that people do perform better when in a group setting.

Table Of Contents
Introduction 4
Method 5
Design 5-6
Participants 7
Materials 8
Procedure 9
Results 10-12
Discussion 13
Reference 14
Appendix A 15
Appendix B 16
Appendix C 17
Appendix D 18
Appendix E 19
Appendix F 20


In 1898 Triplett noticed cyclists performance varied on whom the cyclist was bicycling with. This then inspired an experiment to test exactly how a person’s presence affected a person’s performance. Triplett believed it was more then just a physical thing that made the cyclists perform better. His theory was that with other people or a set pace the cyclists went faster with the new mindset of competition. Triplett averaged races where cyclists had pacemakers. They averaged 5 times faster but when Triplett conducted an experiment with children the results showed even bigger increase in performance time.
To test this theory in my experiment...

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