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I Really Didn't Mean To! Essay

  • Submitted by: terra811
  • on March 17, 2012
  • Category: English
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Eterra Johnson
Ms. Taylor
English IV
11 October 2011
“I really didn’t mean to!”

I sat puzzled in front of the bedroom mirror, just staring at my invisible reflection. How could I do that to her? I heard someone coming up the stairs but I was too afraid to look. It could be her, but it could also be someone else.  
“Hey did I leave my wallet in here? My mother said as she searched the bed and the cupboard. I almost wet myself thinking she was going to ask about… her earrings. I knew what I had done, but I hadn’t realized how much damage and anger I had caused her. I was surprised she hadn’t noticed they were missing because she peeped at her dresser about three times before going down the steps to double check in the living room. The front door had shut a few minutes later.
I wanted to blame her for leaving me in her room, unattended, with layers of silver and gold jewelry, but truth is I couldn’t. It was my fault and my fault alone. Then I thought she wouldn’t get mad at me, for the simple facts that I was only 4 years old and because I was known to do things like that. I reached behind the bed to pick up the earring that resembled a gold Hershey kiss wrapper. It stared at me, almost as if it was scowling me for what I had done to it. Curse words and tears flew around the room and in and out of my head. The room faded to black and the curse words and tears fell gently from the ceiling.

I released my head back into the soft pillow; it was so soft that my head sank all the way down until nearly my whole face was covered. I closed my eyes and really thought about what I had done to my mother, yet alone myself.  
I had dozed off for what seemed to be a few hours. When I awoke, I found myself sitting in a high chair in the corner of my room. My mother’s voice rang in my ear, nagging on and on about how I lost her earrings. I thought I was hearing things, but it turned out that I wasn’t; she was sitting on the edge of my bed scowling me for chewing on...

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