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I Owe a Lot to a Language in Acquisition of Knowledge Essay

  • Submitted by: topsoftheflops
  • on February 26, 2014
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Below is an essay on "I Owe a Lot to a Language in Acquisition of Knowledge" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Language is commonly considered as one of the main tools that people use to communicate witch each other. It is also one of the ways of knowing that enables us to understand others and share our points of view. To my mind, importance of language in acquisition of knowledge is obvious and I would like to discuss it in my essay.
Firstly, for me, language is strongly connected with the main way of acquiring knowledge which is interpersonal communication. We gain much information from other people, who with use of language, can express and develop their ideas and make other people aware of them. That direct way of gaining knowledge is vastly efficient and definitely broadens our horizons. Moreover, we can also increase our knowledge by basing on other people’s experience. One of the simplest examples is school, where students learn from older people. Not only do they teach them academic skills but also increase their general knowledge which is based on life experience of different generation.
Another aspect of language is the way it limits us as we search for information. Whenever we use books, dictionaries or magazines to acquire some knowledge, language is the main factor that determines how much information we are able to get from it. Basically, our knowledge depends on the range   of the understanding of the language. For instance, more languages we know, more sources (e.g international literature) we are able reach and use for acquisition of knowledge.
What is more, I believe that language influences our way of thinking. It must be considered while talking about factors that shape our knowledge. To what extent we are able to think and imagine some tasks with our language, has a crucial importance when it comes to learning things and understanding the world.
Taking everything into account, the role of language in a process of gaining knowledge is irreplaceable and has a huge impact on both personal and intellectual development. Its versatility makes it probably...

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