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I Am Bob Essay

  • Submitted by: rhinehartv
  • on September 1, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Victoria Rhinehart
30 August 2013
Dr Bump
Horses, Humans, Politics and Pressure

During my reading of Chapters 11 and 12 of Equine Welfare I found myself having some major reactions. Some of the racing statistics are outrageous to me.   The training methods for racing, as well as different types of shows is disgusting as well as shocking. Who would ever want to abuse an animal like that?

In chapter 11 there was several things that shocked me. I never paid close attention to the racing industry because I know its abusive to the horses and I hate that. The most shocking fact I read had to be “Racing fatalities and injuries were just and accepted part of the cost of doing business. They were not thought to be important and better left unmentioned” (Equine Welfare, 230) Why would you not report your horse being injured? I get that you need them to race, but what’s missing 1 or 2, and having your prized horse back in health again over, running him anyways and making the injury worse? Its the same thing I tell myself when I get hurt, don't make it worse. Another thing I found to be interesting, was the fact about the tracks. “In 2005, Turfway installed a synthetic racing surface and saw an 85% decrease in racing fatalities with the new surface(Rogers Beasley, pers. comm.).” (Equine Welfare, 232)I never would have thought that a specific type of track would help decrease the number of deaths. Then again, it makes sense because the hooves can get more tread and run better. I was genuinely pissed off when I read that some trainers still work horses even if they are lame. “There have been a number of instances where the racing regulatory veterinarian has examined a horse, found the horse to be lame, and the trainer works the horse anyway, with fatal consequences for the horse. “ (Equine Welfare, 235) If the horse is found to be lame, don’t work it. Its career is over. Just retire it, send it to someone who will take excellent care of it, and stop abusing it. I can't stand...

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