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Hypothesis Essay

  • Submitted by: Memshima1
  • on February 26, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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According to Functionalists, education is very important to the structure of the society. They believe education brings about socialization; provision of skills required by the modern industrial society and also allocates roles to individuals in the society. However, Marxists say that education is an important part of the conflict that takes place in the society. Particularly, Louis Althusser (1971) argues that the role of education in the society is ideological; that is, the main function of education in the society is to transmit common values to the individuals. In this paper I want to investigate the role of education in Nigeria and find out if the Marxist theory is applicable in modern times.


In recent times there have been books and songs about the Marxist theory on education. Although Karl Marx (1818-1883) was not an educator, he still impacted on education by speaking about what he believed to be the task of education. In the journal “Petroleum-gas university of Ploiesti” Marxism sees school as an institution that serves the dominant, preserves a power class and perpetuates socioeconomic equality (Pai, Adler, & Shadiow, 2006).

A song, which serves as an illustration of Marxist theory of education is Pink Floyd’s 1979 song “Another Brick in the Wall”. This song speaks of the Marxian ideological control using the teacher as an agent of capitalism. In the song the concept of social reproduction is shown. Here the education is used to reproduce a very obedient and submissive workforce.


In this report, the research method that will be used is the triangulation or cross-examination method. This method is being used because This is the mixture of qualitative and quantitative research methods. If only one research is used there is an instance that the results will clash if another research method is used to replicate the results. Hence the...

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