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Hurried Child Essay

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Below is an essay on "Hurried Child" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

I read this book for my child developmental classes and I love it. Every parent or will be parent should read this. It talks about how we as Americans are trying to get our children to grow up too fast and the consequences we as a nation are facing. Over scheduling and the pressure to do better than everyone else are just some of the topics discussed. I didn't think I would enjoy it but once I opened the cover, it was hard to stop, and also David Elkind has a good point and backs it up in many reasonable ways. We should be watching out for children and their stress levels. We should be treating them as children and not adults. Some of his blame/responsibility seems biased, however. He implies quite frequently that mothers working may be a part of the issue. Other gender and racial slights come up as well. pg. 21 "all children have, vis-a-vis adults, special needs- intellectual, social, and emotional. Children do not learn, think or feel in the same way as adults."
Xii "it seems a new obscenity is permitted on the television screen. Increasingly, nudity and salacious behavior are broadcase in the early evening hours...."
25) 3 parental threats: 1) more afraid 2) more alone 3) professionally insecure
27) hurry kids (last paragraph)
56) how we measure schools is all wrong
57) too dumb to be there messages our kids get
59)"If young people are treated as products, as worth only as much as they score on a test, then they need have no other moral or ethical scruples than any other industrial product would have. Treated as objects, young people can hardly be held either ethically or morally accountable."
94) film ratings like pg., r, x are ambiguous
95) "overdone" quality
123) attachment - sharing
124) guilt and shame!!!!! excellent
130) cognitive conceit
137) personal fable - everyone watching theory
stressed kids more self-centered
150-151) parents involved kids life, achievement overload
184-185) has a stress test for children, fascinating to take!
152 -...

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