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Hunger Games Essay

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  • on June 25, 2014
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The Hunger Games           1
Yearly in the nation that was once known as North America, the country of Panem uses their dictatorship they call the Capitol to control the twelve districts they have made. The Districts have all had huge uprisings, as a reply to these revolts the regime of the Capitol has passed a painful terrorization method called The Hunger Games. It is a ferocious experience that is viewed publicly as an entire nation thru all of the districts where a guy and girl from each district is selected as a Tribute. These Tributes have to compete with one another and fight to the death to where only one Tribute will endure. The Hunger Games is the régime’s tactic of revealing the extent of power they have over the discouraged societies in the twelve districts of Panem.
The character of Katniss is exceptional in one’s society today, a multifaceted personality with bravery, intellect, and one that is on an operation for survival. Unlike the other Tributes, Katniss executes others as a way of self-defense. Katniss is not only in combat for survival but for equality and uprightness as well within the social classes and political power. Katniss stands up for what she feels is right in order to demolish the class struggle of the Districts and the Capitol. The Feminist outlook of Katniss make her distinctive because she is not depicted as a sex objective but as a strong heroine who stands up for what she believes in on her path way to success in an effort to end the struggle of the rich vs. poor in her people would also provoke a Marxist reading of the Hunger Games.
The vivid mind behind the Marxist theory was a man by the name of Karl Marx, He was a German theorist. His theories about society, finances, and politics are known as Marxism. Marxism is a battle between a possession of class that controls invention and a working class that delivers the labor for the manufacturing. According to Karl Marx, “all humans are creative active beings. But...

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