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Hunger Game Essay

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  • on March 26, 2014
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World of Fantasy
Imagine living in a world where you live like no other. Everyone is for their own and you’re living a life of human depression, dealing with persecution, illness and also over population. This is the life that Katniss lives. In the novel The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins compares Panem to the society today. She displays a different part of the world that is rough or maybe the richest and that is how the country Panem is created in the Hunger Games. The Capitol created this dystopian society by making the citizens of district twelve the most underprivileged and neglected district there is in Panem. Panem is a dystopian society because the citizens are controlled by propaganda; citizens are perceived under surveillance twenty-four seven and the citizens of Panem live in a dehumanized state. In district twelve were Katniss Everdeen lives is the poorest of them all.
            Propaganda is used to control the citizens of society. The Hunger Games has been, televised and celebrated by the capitol Panem. Just like Katniss says “taking kids from the districts and forcing them to kill one another while we watch is the capitols way of reminding us how totally we are at their mercy.” (p.18) The district fear and despise the hunger games because the children that die each year are game pieces to the capitol. The citizens watching their kids fighting till death is not really entertainment to them it is a lost, but to the Capitol it does not matter because its entertainment and fun for them. Not only do they take children twelve through eighteen but these children grow up learning these things because it is a part of their curriculum in school. They also use propaganda to control the citizens by telling them that “the last tribute standing will be showered with prizes, largely consisting of food.” (p. 19) the capitol is using communication aiming it towards the attitudes of the citizens influencing them to have hope so their district can be cherished....

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