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Humans and Metals Essay

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Sophia Ramnath – Cuffy
ID# - 00046339
Journal article 4
Topic “humans and Metals”
When I saw this topic in class I was confused, because I didn’t understand the relationship within the topic. As we were going through the topic in class then it hit me, we use metals every day, most things we use, and some part of it is combined with a metal. One of our basic needs is electricity, and Copper and aluminium wire are used to carry electric current, even the pen I am using the nib of the pen is metal.
We eat food everyday some time it might be raw foods but most times it’s cooked and most of our kitchen utensils are made up of metals like copper, aluminium and iron and even the factory equipment which is used to produce and manufacture our food. The foils we use when baking and wrapping items every kitchen must have a roll of aluminium foil. I have noticed even some of our medications are sealed with foil also for decoration of sweets.
The house that we live in every part of it is combined with a metal, from start to the finishing product. Our doors and these days I love the designs of those cast iron doors most people are using but some people still use wooden doors but the handles and locks are made with metal. Our bathroom fixtures are made with metals just my sitting and looking around my home I see a lot of things which we use that are made with metals.
Gold and silver metals are used to make jewellery. We all wear some type of jewellery from watches, earrings, chains, rings and bangles. It gives that special look you are looking for when going out on that special occasion. On our medical side of things the thermometers we use have mercury in them. Sometimes things can be so simple for us all we just have to do is sit and look at our surroundings and we will realize its right in front our faces. So now I see the reason for the topic “humans and metals” and how I can relate to it.

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