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Humans Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Anthropology – “Anthropos” and “Logos”; is the study of humans

4 Major Sub-Fields
• 1) Biological Anthropology
o Deals with our bodies/mammals in the primate order
o Changing over long periods of time
o Fossil records
o Primates “are the closest human relatives”
o Physical/biological differences in humans today – the study of human race
o Evolution over 50 million years
o Human health and diet
• 2) Cultural Anthropology
o Deals with human behavior
o “Culture is behavior is learned
o Ethnography – writing about an ethnic group
o Ethnology – The scientific attempt to determine most behavior is universal
o 3 ways to break down cultural anthropology
• 1. Relationship of humans to environment
• 2. Relationship between humans and humans
• 3. Belief in the “super-natural”
• 3) Archaeology
o Without it, only written records could be used
o Writing has only been around for .1% of our history
o Cultural evolution – Is always changing
o Louis Binford – Talked about artifacts left over from previous societies
• Technomic – Artifacts that rest solely in the social realm
• Sociotechnic – Ways to show social status
• Ideotechnic – Mainly for spiritual
o Archaeologist study the past
• 4) Linguistics
o Language is what makes us unique
o “Somehow we developed a better brain”
o 3 parts of linguistics
• 1. Historical – origins of language
• 2. Descriptive – describes how languages are put together
• 3. Social – recognizes how language reflects social behavior
• 5) Applied Anthropology
o Info is take and applied
o Phorensics
o Cultural resource management – dove before construction

Culture from an Anthropological nature
• Culture comes from the Latin word “cultus” which means “to till/plow the earth”
• Edward B. Tyler – Published a book called “Primative Culture” (1832-1917)
o His definition – culture is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, laws, and customs with any other abilities and habits acquired by man...

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