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Humanities Paper

  • Submitted by: keter32
  • on September 2, 2013
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If you could describe The Renaissance in one word I would name it legacy because we have developed much of what we currently do today based off everything that happened during the Renaissance. The Renaissance was considered a reformation in all aspects of life, which follows what the definition of Renaissance means, “rebirth”. The Renaissance was thought to have originated from Italy since that’s where people started to adopt the styles of the Renaissance first, but despite that there are no certain causes that led to the beginning of the Renaissance. (Ketan Ghelani 2012)
Renaissance art was more detailed and used to depict Greek and Roman mythology. During the Renaissance people were more educated. The educated middle class during the Renaissance adopted what was called Humanism. The middle class people during the Renaissance were praised for their many artistic and intellectual aspects. Many people marvel at the Renaissance’s development of the sciences when in all reality the first half of the Renaissance was considered a scientific backwardness. The sole cause of the sciences not developing more rapidly was because the focus during the first half of the Renaissance was on the liberal arts, and philosophy instead of focusing primarily on science and mathematics. (Maria Lacy Kitchin 2004)
Trade increased as well in the Renaissance. More goods such as timber, fish, grains, metals, honeys and wines, and various luxury items such as silk and glassware to be more readily available. A currency system was also developed during the Renaissance. During the Renaissance every educated man was expected to be trained in music. Music was performed as an entire male choir during the Renaissance. Musicians actually received higher compensation during the renaissance than they had ever been paid. Vocal music during the Renaissance was more important than instrumental music during the Renaissance. During the Renaissance the music depicted emotion, and imagery of a text....

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