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Human Services Essay

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Below is an essay on "Human Services" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

When it comes to Maritza and her program, she has a lot of passion and good expectations when it comes to this program. Maritza sees that there is a demand to help this population that is need of this program.   A lot of these people are just forgotten about in society when they are in jail from committing crimes. I think because Maritza is so passionate about this program and helping these women that she needs to stick with what she believes in and has really strong ethical standards. Maritza has shown this everyone through NASW. I fell that she has demonstrated to me her ethical obligation that I will be reporting on is the quantitative and qualitative data, whatever the findings might be. As far as everything might go she is going to have to explore certain options that she will report her findings as her exam her data, by doing this it will help to improve and implement.   By doing this it will help to make this program more effective, will positive effects. This is something that she will not be able to discuss with other, because of them trying to get her to give false information so that she gets the approval.  
As far as the program goes at this point it stands to be determined.   It Maritza makes the decision to not report the incorrect findings that would make the program data look better than it really is, but by doing this it would help the program participant to keep the program going.   By doing this it would violate Maritza ethical obligation could be compromised the program and would not have the chance to get the program running to her standards. From being unethical she could really hurt this program, along with not following her coed of ethics, and the only thing that she is going to get out of this is jeopardizing her future from working in the human service field.
As far as her findings go she needs to be report them as she finds them, and how some of these changes in the long run could make the program run more effective and have more...

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