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Human Resources Essay

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Human Resource Development-Understanding Power and Influence
Derrick Perry
By having the Human Resources Development manager report to the Human resources manager suggest that there is an heiracrchy in which the HRD manager is beneath the HR manager which creates a separation in power and final decision making. In order for the HRD manager to accomplish his goals he must incorporate way of influencing the HR manager to see it is in the best interest of the two to work together to accomplish these tasks.
The Human Resources Development department's influence and power is lessened by having to report to HR manager. This is an organizational structure flaw the HRD and HR managers should work together as a collective not as one department reporting to another.
The change in line managers gives the HRD team more power and influence to redesign the training. It went from a basic classroom sit down and listen type of setting to a more interactive setting where the employees would be actively participating which would give them actual experience and a better knowhow through coaching techniques.   By changing the line managers responsibilities also gives them more power and influence over clear leadership roles, responsibilities and the overall structure and development of the training of employees.  
The HRD manager describes her problems encountered with the Hr team as "friendly fire" is just a way of saying the HR team just gave her a friendly warning to show her that they are still in charge and basically to say understand her role and to not overstep her boundaries. Many times when organizations implement new ways of getting task done there is tension within the ranks others have a hard time making the adjustment and believing in the new changes and this is a clear case of that.
The HRD manager is showing her position power is working by showing that strategies that she is implementing are actually working. The trainers have responded well to the...

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