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Human Resource Management Essay

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I do believe than an organisation should have a systematic approach to the recruitment and selection of staff instead of recruiting only when staffs are needed. There are different approaches that an organisation can go about making sure that there is always staff available within the organisation at all times. In most cases, an organisation will look into having a flexibility model in practice within the organisation to manage the recruitment process. Some of these flexibility models include the Atkinson’s model and Hardy’s shamrock model of flexibility.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Looking at the Atkinson’s model suggests that, an organisation can put in place a system whereby they have flexible staffing arrangements in place in order to meet the business needs. This model includes the core workers and the peripheral workers. “Numerical flexibility, the expansion and contraction of labour to address market fluctuations, would primarily impact “peripheral” groups: part-time, temporary, or contractual workforces. “Core” groups of full-time employees would provide their organizations with functional flexibility: an employee pool of skills that could be moved about in reaction to emerging technological, market or product changes.” (Aurora, 2010). The Hardy’s shamrock model looks at three structures that are suitable for the organization. The three categories are made up of the core workers, the contractual fringe and the flexible labour force.   Core workers are the professionals and managers that are essential and most valued within the organization. The contractual fringe is the specialists not based within the organization. Lastly the flexible workforce is the part-time and temporary employee within the...

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