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Human Body Essay

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Axia College Material
Appendix D

Seven Organizational Approaches

A. Use the matrix below to describe each approach to organizing information about the body. Discuss how each approach can be used.  

Approach | Describe the approach | How might the approach be used? |
Body planes and directions | The body planes divide the body into front, back, left, right and top and bottoms. BODY PLANES: There are 3 main types:
- sagittal: cutting front-to-back and head-to-toe, ending up two sides which you may call "left" and "right"
- coronal: cutting left-to-right and head-to-toe, ending up with two sides which you may call "front" and "back"
- transverse: cutting front-to-back and side-to-side, ending up with two sides which you may call "upper" and "lower" | Body directions describe movement away from and toward these planes. left-right: self-explanatory
- superior-inferior: up-down
- cephalic-caudal: towards the head - towards the bum
- proximal-distal: towards the body - away from the body
- superficial-deep: towards the surface - towards the center (of the body or of an organ)
- medial-lateral: towards the midline - away from the midline |
Body cavities | The human body can be studied by its cavities. Cavity is a hollow space surrounded by bones and muscle. | Carnial cavity in the skullSpinal cavity is the backboneThoaric cavity is in the chestMediating is the middle where the heart is or tracheaAbdominal cavity is in the abdomen or bellyPelvic cavity is in the area of the pelvis bone |
Quadrant and regions | The human body can be studied by regions and quadrants.                   Right upper quadrant (RUQ)       * Left upper quadrant (LUQ)       * Left lower quadrant (LLQ)       * Right lower quadrant (RLQ)       * Cervical area       * Thoracic area       * Lumbar area       * Sacral area       * Coccygeal area |     * oThe 9 regions include:       * Right hypochondriac region       * Epigastric region       * Left hypochondriac region       * Right lumbar...

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