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Hum3300 U10A1 Essay

  • Submitted by: Blushingrose33
  • on March 1, 2014
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U10A1: Assignment
Comparing Eastern & Western Religions
HUM 3300
Global Multiculturalism & Religion

Eastern Religions Overview:
Eastern Religions follow similar threads in belief systems as they are Mysticism based religions and share the Myths of Harmony and Myths of Liberation. The Myths of Liberation come from the religions originating from India, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, which see “the problem of life being human entrapment in an endless cycle of suffering and rebirth: the highest goal is to over come those bonds” and be liberated. (E.F.L, pg 21). On the other hand, the Myths of Harmony are from the religions originating from China, including Sikhism and Shinto, that say that “all of creation works through combinations of the complementary opposites of yin and yang, of dark and light, of earth and heaven, of male and female”, each creating balance and harmony. (E.F.L. pg 20) Each of these religions share the central thought that our souls come from a place of paradise and that something changes or removes our souls from this state of happiness, where we are given bodies. As humans we will make choices between good and evil, and strive to release our selves from this cycle of life to return to paradise anew. Each of these religions view “the human experience of the rhythms and cycles of nature as the basis for religious metaphor and symbolic language expressed in sacred stories”, or meta-narrative. (E.F.L. pg 21)
Western Religions Overview:
Western Religions, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam however share an entirely different connection which is the belief in the Myth of History, which says that “it is not nature but history that comprises the realm of human experience from which the metaphors for religious experience are primarily drawn”. (E.F.L. pg 21)   Each of these religions share a text, in which their version of the story of history is told, each one teaches the creation of the world by God, of a prophet and savior, of...

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  • Submitted by: Blushingrose33
  • on March 1, 2014
  • Category: Miscellaneous
  • Length: 1,589 words
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