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There are 2 parts to this test. 1: Theory, where your understanding of HTML will be assessed. 2: Practical, where your skills in using HTML and Dreamweaver will be tested. There are 40 marks in total.

1. What are HTML Tags? (2 marks)

  HTML Tags are symbols and codes (key words) that tell the computer what to do, the symbols (< >) go around the code (key words) e.g.

2. Write down the symbols used to start and end HTML tags.   (2 marks)

  < >

3. What is the code (tag) used to create a hyperlink to another web page? (2 marks)


4. What is the tag used to insert an image into a web page? (2 marks)


5. Circle the code that centres the information on the page (1 mark)

6. Circle the code which links to another website? (1 mark)

7. Circle the code which changes the background and text colour (2 marks)

Look at the HTML code.   Can you draw the web page that you think it creates(use text boxes and shapes)? Where it says to insert images simply draw a box and write image in it.   On your diagram show colour changes, font changes and any other information you think is important.

(8 marks)


Practical Tasks

For the next tasks you should use the text and images in Student Resources > ICT > Y9 > HTML > Test

Open Dreamweaver and create a web page containing the following:

1. A header tab containing your name. (1 mark)

2. Set the background colour to “light blue” and the text colour to “Black” (remember American spelling for colour = color). (2 marks)

3. Create a title on your page that is centred and larger font that the main text (2 mark)

4. Put the main text on the page. This should NOT be centred. (2 marks)

5. Insert the image from the folder (make sure it is centred). You will find this in student resources > ict.   (2 marks)

6. Create navigation buttons at the top of the page for HOME and PAGE 2 (2 marks)

7. Put a hyperlink to the Ranelagh School...

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