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How To Write a Psychology Research Report

  • Submitted by: ChikniChameli
  • on March 18, 2012
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Psychology 445: Advanced Research Methods Below is the grading scheme that I will use for your final papers (although absolute point value I will leave to my discretion.) Spelling, grammar and general flow of the paper do count. You can work in partners on the data analysis (in fact, I encourage it!), but each partner should write his or her own paper. Introduction (25 points): 1. Has the general theoretical or conceptual area of interest been presented? 2. Is there an adequate review of the relevant literature? (6 points given for mentioning a required three references). 3. Are the research question(s) clear and explicitly stated? 4. Has the value and implication of the study been discussed? (4 to 5 points). Methods (10 points) 1. Are the methods clearly presented? a. Participant information (This will be a “boilerplate” description that everyone can use.) b. Predictor and outcome variables. Remember that you should present the mean, standard deviation and a Cronbach’s alpha for any scale that you construct. Results (25 points) 1. Have descriptive statistics been provided in either a table or graph? (3 points) 2. Were the statistical tests applied appropriately? (15 points) 3. Are results provided with appropriate/adequate information (obtained F value, df, level of significance)? 4. Were the results discussed in sufficient detail? Discussion (30 points) 1. Was a clear overall statement regarding support or non support of your research question provided? (5 points) 2. Have possible problems, such as confounding variables and alternative explanations for the results, been discussed? (10 points) 3. Have the practical or theoretical applications and/or implications of the study's findings been discussed? 4. Have suggestion for future research been made? Overall style and format (10 points) 1. Abstract - approximately 100 - 150 words. 2. Does it adequately summarize the study? 3. Has standard APA format been followed? (2 points for correct reference style)


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