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How To Write a Cover Letter

  • Submitted by: joeclam
  • on March 18, 2012
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I want the reader to understand the purpose of this writing to explain several important steps in creating a cover letter to a potential employer. Writing a cover letter is critical in creating the first impression and accompanies of a resume which consist of setting the tone and purpose for the reason of contact.
The first thing you will do is explain why you are writing to them, this is important because you want to keep the person interested to continue reading further. Start Jotting down ideas as to why they should consider you. Show them a preview of your personality, remember not many people think it’s important, but personality sometimes gets you hired versus what you know. As I explained earlier, keep your reader interested. Explain a little of your past experience’s and make it relevant to the position you are trying to apply for. Also, include where there have been times that you triumph over difficult mishaps on the job. Showing the significant of teamwork, being well organized, and a self-starter are all qualities that the employer like’s to hear. Make sure you re-literate why and how you can benefit the company. The employer wants to see you stand out from the rest. Keep in mind that your cover letter is an introduction, keeping it short and simple without trying to bore the reader. Think of the cover letter as a marketing tool, the purpose is to sell your audience with a quick dialogue that gets to the point.
After your written draft is completed, review your writing to make sure it is everything that you want to get across to the employer. Make sure you have set out your points and arguments so everything is well written and the delivery is sound. Correct any misspelling, grammar and punctuation. After all your steps are finalized and you as the writer feels satisfied, you will know that you have successfully created a convincing and well written cover letter in a business format.

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