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How to Create Viral Content Essay

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How To Create Viral Content

To say something has gone viral usually means that a piece of content has been well received by the general public and widely shared amongst the social networks.   The purpose of exceptional content is to create ideas so contagious that they can’t be controlled.   Attempting to create viral content does not imply success 100% of the time, and as David Meerman Scott writes in his book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR, “There are people who will tell you that it is possible to create a viral campaign, and there are even agencies who specialize in the area.   But when organizations set out to go viral, the vast majority of campaigns fail.”(96).   However there is a formula one can harness in hopes of creating the web’s next buzz.   To reach a level of viral success, one must create online content that evokes strong emotion on a positive level that which pertains to the viewer’s desire, and is easily shareable on all platforms of online media.
Content that touches us emotionally, either in a positive or negative manner, is a natural thing we choose to share.   We do so because we want to   connect with others over the experience, and hope their reactions are the same as our own.   There are many different forms of emotionally charged content.   First, the funnies:   We all need breaks from our daily routines to get away from the seriousness of the day, and if we come across a piece of content that makes us laugh or smile, it’s highly likely we are going to want to share that piece.   Second, is the content that makes us stop and think.   When a video, image, or written piece stops us in our tracks, makes our jaws drop, and/or urge us to ponder the big questions of life, we often choose to share that content with others so they too can have that “whoa” moment.   In the end, the most successful content found on the web are the ones that touch our lives in some emotionally charged way.   “To create a strong, positive emotional experience, the people...

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