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How Is Mr Birling Presented? Essay

  • Submitted by: sweetiie
  • on March 19, 2012
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When does he arrive? What is significant about this moment?
- The inspector’s arrival is a key moment which changed the whole atmosphere of the Birling house. The mood of the family member change from being happy to being nervous. The moment is significant as he arrives in the middle of Mr Birling’s long speech in which he is control of the whole house, but after the Inspector arrives he becomes in control and Mr Birling loses his power.
Is he finding out information from his questions, or confirming information he already has?
- It seems like he is confirming information that he already has by asking questions. This is because somehow or some way he finds out/reveals some hidden truth about each family member. He seems to know the history of Eva Smith and the Birling’s involvement in it, even though she died only hours ago.
How does he behave when he is questioning the Birling’s?
- The inspector behaves in a very firm manner when he is questioning the Birling’s, he seems to be rather relaxed yet interested when he is asking his questions. When he is asking the questions he doesn’t have much of an expression on his face, but it shows that he knows the truth so the Birling’s should not lie.
What is his summary of the different characters involvement?
- He says that the girl killed herself, but all of them helped to kill her. He says that Mrs Birling turned her away when she needed her help the most when she could have helped. Eric, that he used her for one night when he was drunk as an animal. Shelia, that she took her out of her job. And then Mr Birling because he didn’t give her and her co-workers a small pay rise.

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