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How Is Life Essay

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Below is an essay on "How Is Life" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Astrology – horoscopes for January 2013

Aries- this month will bring you heaps of success, especially if you perform in an artistic job, related to aesthetics and music. At times though, you will feel a slip in your productivity, but remember to be alert in order to avoid any negative inconveniences. Relationships, either marital or love, will develop a more visible figure, consequently demanding much higher energy consumption than before. Above all, make use of your calmness and patience! It is a rare gem to cherish!

Taurus- you will put the interests of your near and dear ones ahead of yours, even sacrificing your desires to fulfill theirs. This shows you their value, and to them, displays your unconditional love. Within this month you will notice a significant clear up in any financial matters and perhaps even a well-deserved wad of extra income heading your way. Towards the middle of the month you may find yourself, spiritually, which will give you justified peace of mind. Remember to use the extra bucks on something worthwhile! Perhaps that weekend spa getaway you’ve been thinking about!

Gemini- January is the prime month for candlelight and companionship, with the Sun visiting the partnership zones of your sign. By the winter holidays, there's the possibility of having some professional accomplishments that will bring money, signing some new contracts or consolidating several partnerships. On the other hand, be cautious with the money you manage with a significant other, just to secure your own safety net. Having said that, this is your time of year to touch down in those emotional depths, trusting that you’ll rise back up feeling fresher and more enlightened if you do so.

Cancer- On January 2, the new moon in Sagittarius lights up this detail-oriented zone of your chart, making it a great day to turn over a new leaf and even to rev up your fitness and healthy eating. Enjoy the holiday spirit while balancing indulgences – opt for chocolate covered...

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