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How Important Iseducation To Me Essay

  • Submitted by: destiny40
  • on March 19, 2012
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I.D. 2015240                                                                             March15, 2012
The Donovan McNabb Scholarship

                                          Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a very important leader in history and to me he was the most important person in history. I just think if we didn’t have him life wouldn’t be like it is now it will be way different. He was the greatest civil rights leader he really changed history his self. He really showed that there is a way to change history and he did everything he could to change it. There was nothing getting in his way no matter what it was. He had a dream and it was for blacks and whites to understand each other and to be able to hangout with each other.

Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy was great I think nobody can have one like he’s and other might not think they probably think he’s not even important in history. I don’t understand that at all to be honest but that’s just there choice and I can’t do anything about that. But just think how life would be if we never had him in life would somebody else have the guts to step up would have any other person did what he did or would we just leave it alone and just leave history like it was. Would we do nothing and be slaves all are life’s and let white people do what ever they want to do. I guess we will never know just be glad that Martin change it when he did.

He did so much life right now is way different then it use to be you see blacks around whites all the time. We can do that now because a guy in history name Martin Luther King Jr. if he wasn’t in history we wouldn’t dare to be as close to whites as we do now. Back then we couldn’t even go to the same school as whites but now we always go to school with whites actually some whites try to fit in with blacks and try to act black. Now blacks are going far in life we have a black president in the white house. Barack Obama is the first black president in history...

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