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How Does Steinbeck Present Crooks Essay

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  • on August 31, 2013
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How does Steinbeck present Crooks in this passage? What is the importance of Crooks in the novel as a whole?
Crooks - the “negro stable buck,” with a “crooked back where a horse kicked him.” This description emphasises his worthlessness and Steinbeck makes his colour perfectly clear to begin with, but it also shows that he is labelled by his disability suggesting the lack of respect he receives, and is defined by what he is seen as, and not by his name. Crooks often rubs is spine with a bottle of liniment to aid his injured back. He is in fact a skilful craftsman with a particular talent, and we as readers find that he is rather intelligent through Candy when he tell George that “He reads a lot. Got books in his room.” It is apparent that “being a stable buck and a cripple,” he is more “permanent than the other men,” and the racism during that era would make it difficult for him to get another job, and his permanence indicating his inability to achieve the American Dream. Steinbeck writes this to demonstrate the severity and commonness of racial segregation during this period that the mere colour of your skin would denote what you would achieve in your whole life and separate you from the rest of the community as “Crooks said darkly, ‘Guys don’t come into a coloured man’s room very much’.”
It is apparent that Crooks is lonely as “scattered about the floor were a number of personal possessions; for being alone, Crooks could leave his things about.” It may be argued that he is luckier than the rest of the ranch workers, who have to stay in the same room, and he has more personal space and the others don’t have as much. However the actual reason that he has this space is due to his colour again and he feels isolated. When Lennie enters his room, Crooks says sharply “I ain’t wanted in the bunk house, and you ain’t wanted in my room,” demanding equality. Nevertheless his direct tone and sharpness could denote him becoming a victim of his circumstance and causing him...

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