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Housing Supply and Social Exclusion Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on March 25, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Housing Supply and Social Exclusion |
Living with the Paradox of Two Ideological Housing Systems in the UK. |
James Campbell |

This paper discusses the issue of social exclusion and changes in the UK social housing stock, in terms of its ideological groundings and impact policy changes have on social housing. Essential areas of this change have occurred recently under New Labour, but the roots of the ideological ideas are far more deeply seeded. Firstly this paper looks at the ideological history of social housing in the UK as a background to subsequent policy changes. Secondly it examines reason why Britain has become a ‘nation of home owners’ and how renting has come to be perceived as an ‘inferior’ tenure. Thirdly it looks at the effects of this redistribution of the housing stock what caused people to be deemed ‘socially excluded by the New Labour government. The key claim is that social exclusion is a result of two conflicting social ideologies that manifest through social and housing policy and it is not the architecture of the social housing estates that causes their demise but their social mix in terms of tenure, and the way this is perceived by the wider population.
Statement of Originality iii
Acknowledgements iv
Abstract v

Introduction 2
1 – The emergence of two British housing ideologies 3
2 – Brief History of Social Housing in the UK pre-1945 6
2.1 - Giving in to Collectivism 6
2.2 - Government Involvement 9
2.3 - Slum clearance 10
3 - Post WWII Housing 11
3.1 - Post WWII 12
3.2 - Ronan point 13
3.3 - The backlash against dense social developments 14
4 - Britain’s Growing Obsession with Home Ownership 17
4.1 - Right to Buy and Buy to Let 18
4.2 - Why has Britain Become a Nation of Homeowners? 21
4.3 - The Tone Beginning of Social Exclusion 21
5 - The Homeowner Society 26
5.1 - Linking housing and social exclusion 26
5.2 – Does Home Ownership Generate Power? 27
Conclusion 28...

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