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A. Problem Analysis

The input consists of computer base price (CompPrice), the CPU choice (CPU_choice), the RAM choice (RAM_choice), and the Graphics Card choice (VideoCard_choice). Once the customer has entered a choice of an option, the program will determine the corresponding cost of that option: CPU_cost, RAM_cost, VideoCard_cost.

The only item output is the computer selling price (ComputerPrice). To determine the ComputerPrice, the following computation is: ComputerPrice = CompPrice + CPU_cost + RAM_cost + VideoCard_cost.

B. Program Design

Things the program must do:

1. Input the computer base price

2. Process the various options to compute the additional costs

3. Total all the costs

4. Display the final selling price

The main Module will contain the following submodules:





The Hierarchy chart for Computer Price calculator

Pseudocode as follows:

// Computer Price calculator
// Programmer: Christian Gutierrez, University of Maryland University College
// Version 1.0 – November 09, 2013
// This program calculate the total price to purchase all the components required to build a state-of-the-art gaming computer from components available on the internet.
// Variables used:
// CompPrice – computer base price
// CPU_choice, RAM_choice, VideoCard_choice – CPU, RAM and Video card options choices
// CPU_cost, RAM_cost, VideoCard_cost – CPU, RAM and the Video card cost once the options // are selected
// ComputerPrice – calculated the total price of the computer.

Main module

// Declare the program variables
Declare CompPrice, CPU_cost, RAM_cost, VideoCard_cost As Float

// Display welcome message and program menu choices
Write “Welcome to Computer Gaming Build”

Write “This program is designed to calculate the total price of a computer gaming system.”...

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