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Holocaust Research Paper

  • Submitted by: motoman
  • on March 19, 2012
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The Holocaust
“By warding off the Jews, I am fighting for the Lords work” (Harran 50). This quote is the exact words of the worlds most accomplished mass murderer in history, Adolf Hitler.   His goal was to exterminate the complete Jewish race, to make room for the “Aryan” race.   “Jews have been discriminated against, hated, and killed because prejudiced non-Jews believed they belonged to the wrong religion, lacked citizenship qualifications, practiced business improperly, behaved inappropriately, or possessed inferior racial characteristics” (Harran 41).   Due to the hatred that was formed against the Jewish people, over the years of 1933 to 1945, about six million innocent people lost their lives.   Were the German people oblivious to the murderous country Germany had become, or were their minds manipulated into thinking Hitler’s anti-Semitism beliefs were right?
Hitler was born on April 20th 1889 to Alois and Klara Hitler.   Ironically, as many have been taught, Hitler was not born in Germany, but in Braunau, Austria. He did not become a German citizen until the year of 1932 (Harran 50). However, before becoming an actual citizen of Germany, Hitler did in fact lead the Nazis without legal citizenship (Harran 50).   In 1909 Adolf should have registered for the Austro-Hungary military; instead he fled to where he believed the future of Europe laid, Germany (Bergen 33).
More then likely Adolph was angry and truly despised the Austrian empire.   At the beginning of World War 1 he began serving the German military as a volunteer (Bergen 33).   Hitler’s commanding officers were very impressed with his efforts and he was moved through the ranks very quickly where he reached the position of corporal (Bergen 33).   He served in Germanys military as a runner, who carried messages from the rear to the front (Bergen33).   This was one of the most dangerous jobs during that time and Hitler was later wounded in action but was given the iron cross for his bravery (Bergen 33)....

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