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Hold On, Are You a Tragedy Essay

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  • on March 17, 2012
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Hold On, are you a Tragedy?

          In order for a play or film to be a classic tragedy, it must contain certain elements. During the Dionysus festival, Aristotle wrote the certain elements that any classic play must contain in order to become a tragedy. For the film to become such a classic, must begin with our protagonist; beginning with good fortune, and ending in bad. Another important element would be royalty, which would involve people from the royal family in the plot line. The protagonist has to be a good character, but not a perfect person. The character’s downfall is caused because of his or her hamartia, or imperfection. The protagonist must experience personal growth, realize what they have done and then choose to do the right thing; this would happen during the climax of the story. The plot must to be long enough to be plausible and yet, possible. The film Troy is a perfect example of a classic tragedy, because it has all the necessary elements.
      The war between the Greeks and the Trojans started when Paris, the son of the King of Troy, has an affair with Helen, Menelaus wife. Paris and Helen run off to Troy to be together. After discovering that Helen left him, Menelaus asks his brother, Spartan’s ruler, Agamemno to go and get Helen back. Since the walls of Troy have never been breached, Agamemno created the biggest navy anyone had ever seen. Achilles, was known as the greatest fighter alive and was asked to be by Agamemno’s side and fight Troy’s army. Achilles did not respect Agamemno enough to fight for him, but since he knew that the battle of Troy would be legendary, he decided to fight for Greece against Troy.
      In the movie, the protagonist is Achilles. Achilles is a son born from a immortal Goddess mother and a mortal farther. When he was born his mother dipped him in the River of Styx, to make him immortal. These actions are not portrayed in the movie, but the audience is expected to have prior knowledge of these events....

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