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Hola Essay

  • Submitted by: colirio89
  • on February 25, 2014
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1. Exposure can draw a consumer to a product by making them like the look, feel, smell, sound, and taste of a product.   Someone who is studying consumer behavior is going to want to know what smells, looks, texture, sound, and taste are going to draw in a consumer.   Some examples of this would be Papa Johns pizza that we had a work the other day.   The smell of the peppers, olives, and pizza in general can make someone hungry.   The employees could smell it, which made them excited to come to the meeting.   Another example of this would be the Scentsy Candles.   The fact that the product is small and does not require a flame makes it an attractable product.   Also the scents that they have come out with make this an attractable product.   I saw the other day an advertisement and discussion about how movie theatres are starting to require that the movie trailers are shortened.   This could attract more people to sit through the previews, but could also turn some people away because they go to the movies or purchase the movie based off of the trailer they have seen.   Another example of this is popcorn at a ballgame.   Once the popcorn starts popping and the smell has been released, people who walk in the door by the concessions stands.   The smell and sound of the popcorn can draw the customers to the concessions.   One more example of this is the billboard that I passed for MasterBrand Cabinets.   On the billboard there is a beautiful kitchen set up that catches the attention of those who pass the billboard.   Someone who is looking for cabinets might decide to take a look at this after seeing the beautiful cabinets that the company offers.   This is the first billboard that I have seen for the company, so they are getting more exposed to the consumers.  
  2. As a consumer, learning about a product such as the smell of shampoo can change the mind of the consumer.   If the shampoo has been recommended by a friend or a commercial caught the consumer’s attention and they go to...

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