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Hm594 Week 1 Homework Essay

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Chapter 1
3) What approach to tourism study does this course take? Which approach interests you most?
This book focuses on the managerial approach of tourism study for the most part, but also focuses on the product, institutional, historical, economic, geographical, interdisciplinary and sociological study of tourism. The managerial approach interests me the most since I want to be in management and own my own hotels, so this approach focuses on aspects that will be important for me.

Chapter 2
1) Of what value is learning the fundamentals of tourism’s long history?
It is valuable to study this because the first travelers and explorers were the ones who laid the groundwork that modern tourism is based on.   What people want and need from traveling and touring countries hasn’t changed much, so learning about this only helps us understand what people want. This is from basics of having and knowing areas have good transportation, what areas to visit and how to visit them. We couldn’t know this if we didn’t know what people liked to do, what could pose dangers to them, and what they wanted, we couldn’t create situations that would allow them to visit areas.

2) Do today’s travelers have motivations and concerns similar to those of travelers who lived during the classical era?
Travelers do still have similar concerns and motivations similar to early travelers. They have to worry about things such as wars, internal conflicts, thievery, terrorism and such chaos and struggle were seen before and are still seen. There are also tons of areas that offer the same curiosity based on the wonders (such as the pyramids of Egypt or the Incan ruins of Peru) that people want to see. They don’t lose their wonder because more and more people are born and there are so many places to see, that people are curious and still want to see them.

Chapter 3
Activity 2
1) What are National Trust Historic Sites?
National Trust Historic Sites are areas that help preserve, define, and...

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