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Hitler -Reichstag Speech Essay

  • Submitted by: yasminmajdoub
  • on August 29, 2013
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Adolf Hitler was born in Australia in 1889 and rose to power in German Politics as leader of the national Socialist German Workers Party, also known as the Nazi Party. His term of power began in 1933 and lasted up until his suicide in 1945. One of Hitler’s greatest talents was his ability to move and influence his audience whilst addressing them during his political speeches. He very often on the use of techniques such as violent hand gestures, a wide range of facial expressions and persuasive and convincing words which provided a positive reaction from his audience which inspired and moved them.
On the 30th of January 1939, During Hitler’s sixth year as Chancellor of Germany ‘Today 6 years later I am able to speak before the first Reichstag of Great Germany’ (Reichstag 1939), he appeared before an audience of thousands of his followers in Reichstag (German Parliament) to reveal a speech regarding the annihilation of all European Jews, and he would ‘settle the Jewish problem’(Reichstag 1939), he regarded them as communists and those they were the cause of Germany losing World War 1. As he said ‘If the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into world war’(Reichstag 1939) which resulted in the Great Depression when he says ’Outright attacks on the Jews were replaced by stepped up assaults on the Weimar Republic, which was blamed for the Great depression’ (Brose 2005). Also in his belief that they were conspiring to seek world domination. These were his justifications for his animosity of the Jews and it was the purpose for his decision to annihilate them. Furthermore, these thoughts and views were addressed to his audience throughout his public speech which intensified the public’s hatred towards the Jews and instigated criminal behaviour towards them.
To convey the significance of this speech, one must be able to understand truly when, why and what his intentions were. This is evident when in 1922...

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