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Hitler Essay

  • Submitted by: mejiadan
  • on August 28, 2013
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This book has three chapters. The first one is; why did tsarism fall? The second is; why did the Bolsheviks Triumph? And, the third one is; why did Stalin succeed Lenin?
In the first chapter tell us about Nicholas, he was not the right man to prevent the February Revolution, he was an inept ruler who believed in his divine right to rule without a parliament. But it was by no means inevitable, even as late as January 1917 he could have quashed the desire for change. He needed to address the following problems, the cities were starving because of the peasants needed to bring in the returns and to transport food to the cities were mostly in the army. The workers were poorly paid for very long hours, worked in severe conditions and had very poor living conditions. The army was falling apart because of the military defeats, poor leadership, infiltration of the army by political groups and the fact that the mainly army farmers wanted to return to their farms. And, the intelligentsia and middle classes were not satisfied with the lack of political representation.
In the second chapter the Bolsheviks (the Reds) were better organized, Trotskii was a brilliant administrator and put the Red Army together, that is why they can get to the triumph. The Bolsheviks were concentrated in the Moscow, Petrograd heartland of Russia, so their support was urban and concentrated in a small area, but an area with a lot of population. They had, because of the concentration in cities, better communications, that communication helps them a lot.   The Whites were never a combined military force, they were often as opposed to each other as they were to the Bolsheviks. Their agitation and propaganda in the Tsarist Army had led many soldiers to join the party, the Whites were often not military trained. The Bolsheviks had more prepared commanders, capable of working with each other for a good strategic.
In the third chapter the Bolsheviks had stop attack Stalin was promoted to General...

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