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Hitchhiker Essay

  • Submitted by: manali4evr
  • on August 28, 2013
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Hitchhiker" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. What does ‘growl and grunt’ mean? (line10 )
2. Why does Roald Dahl describe the car as a ‘toy’?   (line 5)
3. Who is the ‘her’ referred to here and why? (line16)
4. What does I knew just how it used to feel’ mean and what are the two meanings of ‘used to’ and ‘used to’? (line 18)
5. What is your first impression of the hitch-hiker?
6. Can you explain what guv’nor’ means and why the hitch-hiker calls the driver ‘guv’nor? (line 25)
7. What does the suffix ‘ish’ mean and can you think of other examples? (line 33)
8. Where does the hitch-hiker come from and how do you know?
9. Why does the hitch-hiker think that ‘All car makers is liars’, (line 97)
10. How does the driver feel when the policeman waves him to stop?
11. Can you explain what ‘just sit tight and keep mum’ means and why? (line 144)
12. What type of humour is the policeman using and why?
13. Why did Roald Dahl use the expression ’soft and oily as haircream? (line 190)
14. What does ‘into the bargain’ mean? (line 257)
15. Can you rewrite ‘We was caught good and proper’ in your own words. (line 271)

16. Why is prison called ‘clink’ (line 280)

17. What does ‘huffily’ mean and why does the driver feel like this? (line 443)

18. Why does the hitch-hiker call himself a ‘fingersmith’ ? (line 475)

19. What legendary character is the hitch-hiker like?

20. How does the driver feel at the end of the story?

21. Now write a short review for a newspaper on the story explaining how you feel about the story, whether you liked it or not and if you would recommend it to others.

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