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History Notes Essay

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  • on March 19, 2012
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HIST 1001
July 6, 2009

Greece: Introduction and Origins

Greeks were very important for our conception of art and beauty.   Provide us with more political terminology.


• Aegean Sea
• Greece Proper
• Western Asia Minor
• Islands of the Aegean
• Sicily

The Aegean sea has a strong influence on the greek people, and is the only unifying force.   All Greek cities are no more than 2 days walk from the sea.

Finding Early Greeks

• Heinrich Schliemann
            - AD 1822- 1890
            - German Businessman
            - Looked for Troy and Mycenae

1850 moved to California during the gold rush.   Wasn’t in the creeks panning for gold but bought gold from panners and pushed it to buyers for more money.   1870’s moved to Asia moiner and used all his money to start digging looking for the mythical city of troy.   Found troy.   After troy he discovered the mythical city of Mycenae and dug of a mask there.   Also found many fortitudes, shields, swords, and weaponry, leading archaeologists to believe that life on the mainland was more competitive.

• Arthur Evans
            - AD 1851- 1941
            - Minoan Civilation on Crete
            - Finds Knossos
            - Linear A and B

Finds thousands of clay tablets with 2 different forms of unknown writing, which they named linear A and linear B.

      Michael Ventris (1953)
            - Decodes Linear B

Uses code breaking tactics developed in world war 2 to decode linear B.   Says one night he was sleeping, tossing and turning, when zues appears to him and tells him its greek.   He wakes up and tries to decode linear B assuming it to be a greek language and eventually decodes it.

Historical Outline of Early Greece

• Minoans
            - (2200- 1400 BC)
      • Mycenaeans
            - (1500- 1200 BC)
      • Dark Ages
            - (1200- 800 BC)

No writing takes place during the dark ages, and no one is sure why or what happened.   It is theorized...

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