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History Dbq Articles Of Confederation Essay

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  • on March 19, 2012
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Bea Asuncion
Honors US History
The Articles of Confederation was passed by Congress in 1777 and provided the United States with an ineffective government from 1781 to 1789. Under the Articles of Confederation, the states had adopted a new type of government called democracy. In this government, the states were given far more superior powers over the national government. As a result, this caused economic, social, and political problems not only within the states but with other countries as well. The Articles of Confederation was effective in some ways. For example, the Article of Confederation was able to keep the states together long enough to win the French and Indian war and secure independence. Another success of the article was the succumb of land claims for settling on the frontier. In the map from John Blum’s “The National Experience,” it depicts which states had land claims and where they were. (DOC E) By doing so, this allowed ratification and successful land policies for frontiers. Even though the article was able to set up a national government that the states could agree upon, the powers given to it were inadequate.
The Articles of Confederation had problems settling and fixing their poor economic situation. The nation was put under heavy debt from the Revolution and taxation of imports and exports. Since the government could not set up a national currency, and states were allowed to make their own, this caused trade between states to be very difficult. In Joseph Jones letter to George Washington (DOC C), he wrote how war veterans felt mistreated when they were not paid and the pay that was earned did not have much value. Jones wrote “One ground of discontent in the army is the delay in complying with their requests.” By never giving congress the power to establish a set currency for the nation, money traded between each state had different values. Another important example of how the articles were ineffective is shown in a letter...

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