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History and Importance of Pediatricians Essay

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History   and   Importance   of Pediatricians



Linda   Widjaja

The   history   of   origin of   Pediatricians is relatively   new   medical   specialty   in the

worlds   medical   field   of   primary care   providers. Byzantine   physicians;   Oribasius, Aëtius   of

Amida,   Alexander Trallianus, and   Paulus Aegineta   stand   out   for   the   contributions   they

have   made   to   child   care many   years   ago. The   importance of   a   Pediatrician   is   to   treat

infants,   toddlers,   and   young   teens   medically.   Pediatricians   are   needed   because   of   the

many   differences   between   an adults   body   and   how it   fights   illnesses,   and   childs   body   and

it’s   ability   to   fight   illnesses.   The   growth   and   development   of   a child and   their   immune

system   is   far   more   complex   than   that   of   an   adult.

The   History   and   Origin   of   Pediatricians

The   first   to   develop   the   study   of   pediatrics   were   Hippocrates,   Aristotle,   Celsus,
Soranus,   and   Galen,   they   understood   the   differences   in   growing   and   maturing   of
different   of   all living organisms   and   that different treatments   were   needed   for   them.
Byzantine   physicians;   Oribasius,   Aëtius   of   Amida,   Alexander Trallianus,   and   Paulus           Aegineta   stand   out   for   their   contributions and strides   in   the   field   of   pediatrics.   The
Byzintines   also built brephotrophia,   meaning "baby shelters," or "children's hospitals"   in order to continue with their studies and   works for   children and their illnesses.
Islamic writers Haly Abbas,   Serapion,   Rhazes,   Avicenna, and   Averroes,   served as a bridge for Greco-Roman and Byzantine medicine and added ideas of   their own especially towards   their   study   of   pediatrics.   The Persian scholar and doctor,   al-Razi   (865–925)   had   published   a   treatise, or   formal...

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