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History Essay

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Kep Province
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For the town, see Krong Kep (town).
កែប |
Provincial Municipality |
Map of Cambodia highlighting Kep |
Coordinates: 10°29′N 104°18′ECoordinates: 10°29′N 104°18′E |
Country |  Cambodia |
Capital | Krong Kep |
Area |
 • Total | 336 km2 (130 sq mi) |
Population (2009)[1] |
 • Total | 40,280 |
 • Density | 120/km2 (310/sq mi) |
Time zone | UTC+07 |
Dialing code | +855 |
ISO 3166 code | KH-23 |
Districts | 2 |

| This article contains Khmer text. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Khmer script. |
Kep (កែប) also romanized as Kaeb (Khmer: កែប, literally: "Saddle of the Horse") formally known as Kep Province (ខេត្តកែប) is the smallest province (khaet) of Cambodia[2] covering 336 km2 (130 sq mi), with a population of 40,280.[1] It is one of the newest Cambodian provinces, together with Pailin and Sihanoukville, created by Royal Decree on 22 December 2008, which separated Kep municipality from the province of Kampot, as well as adjusting several provincial borders.[3][citation needed] The provincial capital is Kep District and the province contains the Kep National Park.
The territory of Kep Province is surrounded by Kompot. The western limit is 20 kilometers (12,45 miles) from Kampot downtown and the Ha Tien Vietnamese border at the east is 20 kilometers. The NR33 from Kompot City to Kampong Trach District crosses the territory of Kep from west to east and then to the north along the Vietnamese border. In the biggest Kep's district, Damnak Chang'aeur, NR33 splits at the Kep White Horse Monument in two: to Kampong Trach to the north keeps as NR33 and to the south as NR33A, a road going along the sea coast, bordering the Kep Peninsula and meeting once more NR33 in Damnak Chang'aeur village, 3 kilometers at the east of the White Horse Monument. Its southern sea limit...

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