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History Essay

  • Submitted by: seun123
  • on March 27, 2014
  • Category: History
  • Length: 569 words

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[Toby is in his room playing fifa on PS3]
Toby: Yes, bled you don’t know about me. Get in there fam this guy is so whack.
Mum: Toby, Toby, Toby.
Toby: What’s wrong with this woman now?
Mum: Toby.
Toby: Shut up man.
Mum: Toby if I get there now you will see my power today.
Toby: Okay I’m coming you old cow.
[Toby comes downstairs sitting on the chair rough]
Mum: I just wanted to tell you were going church on Friday.
Toby: but I have plans, I’m meeting a girl.
Mum: what girl, your too ugly, anyway were going
Toby: [shouts] mum just shut up I’m not going.
[The dad comes in]
Dad: Hello, are you talking to your mother like that.
[Toby acts shy]
Toby: sorry dad I didn’t mean it
Dad: come here there is something on your head.
[Dad slaps him]
Toby: sorry dad, can I go now
Dad; just get out of my sight
[Toby leaves]
Dad: That your son has a one way ticket to hell if he doesn’t change.
Mum: what can we do now?
Dad: just go and cook me padded d yam
[Toby meets his friends]
Toby:   how you guys doing
Seun: yeh man were cool
Demola: so where we going
Ola: cinema’s, were watching after earth
Seun: that sounds dead
[Walking to the cinema, Toby is on his phone smiling and texting a girl]
Ola: yo what you smiling about
Toby: oh I’m hooking up with a girl
Demola: What girl would go out with you anyway.
Toby: shut up man, I got girls left and right
Seun: let me see this girl then, I bet she’s ugly
Toby: she’s not I will show the picture.
Seun; wait what’s her name
Toby: Sydney
Demola: isn’t that your sister’s name
Ola: who me, no that is seun’s sisters name
[Toby shows the picture of the girl]
Seun: wait that is my sister.
Toby: I’ve been going out with this girl about 2 months, good thing were always kissing.
[Seun punches Toby]
Toby: what the hell is that for?
Seun: [shouting] you know what, she’s my sister
Toby: mate I didn’t know
[Seun starts a fight]
Demola: calm down
[Demola and Ola breaks up the fight]
Seun: watch back...

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