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History Essay

  • Submitted by: tillyhumphreys
  • on February 27, 2014
  • Category: History
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How effectively did the social, cultural and historical/political context of the piece communicate to your audience?

We wanted our piece to raise awarness of the unspoken events of domestic violence and also challenge stereotypes in society. We understood that our audience were theatrically literate and so these were relevant contempary issues. Through our research we found the statistics of domestic violence against a man in a home, are higher than expected[1]. And because of our own surprise at these shockingly high statistics, we realised that this was a contemopary issue as these figures contradicted the widespread impression that women were usually the ones battered and bruised. We wanted to surprise the audience, and wanted to confuse them as to what character they should sympathise with, which we tried to truly evoke during the aftermath of both of them fighting.

As society don’t have much of an understanding of the topic, we wanted them to address the problem, and we knew that they would be able to as these characters were relatable and as many of our audience will have had some sort of close relationship. Our piece was able t explore the relationship between the individual and their place in society, as many choose either not to believe that this is apart of everyday life and will ignore said subject, and so we challenged their involvement with this subject by creating a direct and relatable experience[2] through our humanised daily activities, in order for our audience to, once again, relate themselves to this situation.[3] As many cases of abuse against children are a reoccuring article in newspapers and our, we found that this would be a fitting way to question the other sides of domestic violence, which our audience also picked up on, showing that we effectively communicated our social context of ‘Compulsion’.

Our question was communicated through

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