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History Essay

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Franck Bayebanen

SSC   101 Human Behavior Perspectives

“Term research paper”

November, 2012

Gun control has become a typical American problem. Today even if the second amendment is the right for American citizens to keep and bear firearms, gun control has become a serious social issue. In facts gun control is becoming a social problem because there is a correlation between firearms and murder rates. United States is the first world economy but have mostly the same murder rates than some third country nation. It is a necessity to understand why America gives so much importance to guns, compare to other industrialized nations. People have different point of view and obviously you will find pro and anti-gun. The first group will militate for their right to possess firearms and the second will argue of the necessity of gun control. However gun control is becoming an important social issue. Why is it important to argue for gun control? Is it really becoming a problem in our society? It will be necessary to compare different perspectives, pro and anti-guns. Finally how do other industrialized nation control firearms and compare to the American method we will find out if it is working.

The second amendment of the United States of America is the possibility for every citizen to keep and bear firearms. However it is include in the amendment that people can use their arms in case of self- defense only, if someone penetrate in your home without your authorization, a thief for example. The second amendment gives you’re the possibility to defend you and your family.
The problem with firearms is that, if people only used them to defend their home and their family the debate wouldn’t exist. In United States of America, firearms are present in about 40% of American households when in France it reaches 5%. Compare to other industrialized nation, United States citizens use much more firearms.
Pro- guns group sometimes argue that United States culture was created...

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