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History Essay

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  • on August 31, 2013
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“We can find fiction in order to see ourselves, as in a mirror; but often it is better to be challenged by what is different from ourselves and from our experience of the world”
The historical novel The Sydney Harbour Bridge written by Vashti Farrer describes the effects of the depression and how the new bridge will unite the North Shore and the Southern Suburbs of Sydney. Reading about a historical event in the past makes me realise the hardship and day to day issues they experienced and the challenges they encountered seem vastly different from my experiences of the world. People need to reflect on the past and appreciate what they have today. Limited money and low incomes caused extreme poverty in different areas, people were labelled by the way they dressed and their education levels also with not many jobs available people would do all they could to secure work.
In 1931 during the depression in Sydney, money was not plentiful and was very much an issue. With limited jobs available and many people depending on getting one. The Government had to step in and introduce a system that would benefit and be fairer for the people. The Government decided to cut back the hours of the already employed workers of the construction of the bridge and share the time around so more people/families could have an income. Even though it was during the depression, people still didn’t hesitate to share what little income they had with others that may have been less fortunate.
This story is portrayed through the eyes of two children from different classes of life. Alice who lives on the Northern Shores of Sydney which is known as the middle class of society, and Billy, who lives on the Southern side of Sydney which is known as the place that the working class lives. The Northern shore consists of a more affluent society, who are better educated and therefore pursue well-paying careers. On completion of the Harbour Bridge, there was hope that it would unite both societies together...

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