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Hihi Essay

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  • on February 27, 2014
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HEC-1, developed by the Hydrologic Engineering Center in Davis, California, has long been one of the industry-standard programs for hydrologic analysis. It is a single storm event, lumped parameter model, but includes several different options for modeling rainfall, losses, unit hydrographs, and stream routing. The HEC-1 interface contained within WMS makes it simple to enter and manage input data and display analysis results.
The HEC-1 model is designed to simulate the surface runoff response of a river basin to precipitation by representing the basin as an interconnected system of hydrologic and hydraulic components. Each component models an aspect of the precipitation-runoff process within a portion of the basin, commonly referred to as a subbasin. A component may represent a surface runoff entity, a stream channel, or a reservoir. Representation of a component requires a set of parameters which specify the particular characteristics of the component and mathematical relations which describe the physical processes. The result of the modeling process is the computation of streamflow hydrographs at desired locations in the river basin.

Storm Water Management Model (SWMM)
The EPA Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) is a dynamic rainfall-runoff simulation model used for single event or long-term (continuous) simulation of runoff quantity and quality from primarily urban areas. The runoff component of SWMM operates on a collection of subcatchment areas on which rain falls and runoff is generated. The routing portion of SWMM transports this runoff through a conveyance system of pipes, channels, storage/treatment devices, pumps, and regulators. SWMM tracks the quantity and quality of runoff generated within each subcatchment, and the flow rate, flow depth, and quality of water in each pipe and channel during a simulation period comprised of multiple time steps.
SWMM was first developed back in 1971 and has undergone several major upgrades since then. The...

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